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Imma Fita Payes DiGiTaL aRt

    Imma Fita Payes - nicknamed as Ruru


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Dominique LETENEUR from paris,
Message = your site is very original and superb, I'm looking for papers for incredimail, I know a lot of sites, can we subscribe to your newsletters ?, congratulations !, I love them, with my thanks

Linda from North Carolina
Message = Please keep me on your mail list. Would love to subscribe to your newsletter if any.
Any image related to Halloween? Each holiday?
Yours is one of my favorites, grin!
Keep up your great work!

marcela from San Martin , Mendoza ,Argentina
Message = Me encanta tu arte RURU

Marie-Claude FERRY from France, Vendee, near the ocean...
Message = Thank you for your colours, happiness and "pep" in the autumn and winter! And when the sky is grey, and also the clouds... MCF

johnsmith from Ukraine
Message = fantastic

I love your site and your drawings! Happy, colorful, naive, it is an antidote and anti gloom in the heart of winter and storms!
Continue to flood us with flowers, trees, cats, insects, suns, moons ...
Thank you very much...
MC   -   Vendee, France, on the edge of Atlantic Ocean...

Name = Barb G. - From = Scottsdale, Arizona - Message = LOVE your letters. I haven't gone through all of them as yet. Just wondering if you could make one with a hair stylist theme (thinking you haven't yet)... to use when I email my hair stylist. I use to use your letters a long time ago. I do however see your letters with girls' faces with lots of hair and I can use those. If you do decide to make your cool letters resembling different occupations ( hair stylists for example) that would be so great!!! Again I must say how much I love your letters... they're so much fun!!! Wow I didn't realize it was 2004 when I first discovered you !!! I am so happy I received your newsletter out of the clear blue sky !!!!!!!!!

Just stop by to say........Regards from Belgrade :-))   -   Vesna from Belgrade, Serbia (EX Yugoslavia)

Ruru, your artwork is beautiful. Very whimsical...inspires the child in me. What a wonderful body of work. Thank you for making it available on the Internet.    -   Julie from Oregon USA.

Hello dear Imma, How wonderful and unique your works are. You are a blessed talented artist. I love your happy colorful world. God bless you!   -   Nina from Iran.

I adore your artwork.. I really really enjoyed your artwork...and i do not find too much art i do enjoy... thanks.   -   Janice from Washington state now..back to San Diego next month...

RuRu I enjoy your art for the email boxes, you are the greatest. Continue to do what you  do.   -   Regina from New York  Long Island.

Your work is WONDERFUL, Bye for now   -   Lissa Daker.

Keep on painting your Fairy Tales, Imma Ruru!   -   Gailita from Austin, Texas.

I started clicking on some of the groups to get some new stats and I found RuRu.  I love your joyful, primary colors, and your freedom you show in your art.  Finally, after all these years, I have a face to go with the name.  Funny, you look like I always imagined you did.   -   Joyceann.

Love you Ruru.............    -   Beverley Carter from England.

THANK'S FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK.   -   KATHY from Pennsylvania.

THANK YOU !!!!!  Your stationery is AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY..... etc.   -   Deb from pennsylvania.

I love your work ! I am a painter also and I can never stop drawing and painting just like you !!!  I wish you well and lots and lots of years to paint "avec amour " as you do ! kindest regards, Marjan Visser   -   from The Netherlands.

I am absolutely in LOVE with your stationary !!!!   -   Lorraine R Franzi from Pittsburgh, PA.

Dear Ruru, you bring such joy into my heart with your lovely art. It riminds me of an artist from the 1970's his name is Peter Max. Like you he wasn't affraid to use bright and bold colors. Your work is a blessing to me. May God continue to grace you with such a talent!!   -   Jackie aka. Kiddo from Michigan, U.S.A.

Hi RuRu, I've been following you since I first found Ruru DiGiTaL aRt. I have always loved your work and it reminds me of my favorite 70's artiest Peter Max. Our computer had to be replaced and I lost your site for about a year and I was so upset. I had lost all your stats and was so sad! I'm so happy that I've found you again! God has blessed you with a beautiful talent!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. Your art makes me feel so very good every time I see it! It's truly is a blessing to me. Hugs, Jackie/Kiddo   -   from Trenton, Michigan, U.S.A.

I love all of your stuff!  When I see what you have created it puts a smile on my face.  You capture all the beauty and wonder in the world.  God bless you and keep on drawing!   -   Debbie Cadieux from Eastlake, Ohio  USA.

best site yet - Josie from Mississippi.

Absolutely adore your backgrounds.  Thank you so much.  I've enjoyed viewing your artwork. Pls. continue your great work.   -   B. Stephens from Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

hola   -   grace from brasil.

Dear Ruru what do you make a very beautiful paintings! When I look at them I get such a happy feeling. It was very difficult for me to choose some because they are all so beautifull in it's own way. Thank you very much for making my letters so colourfull, that's what the world needs today!
Debra from The Netherlands.

Love your DiGiTaL aRt goodies!!!  You're great!   -   Rachelle from Texas.

love your paintings they are very vibrant as far as im concerned you can never have enough colour in your life , well done and all the very best...
thank you very much   -   Deborah from AUSTRALIA.

I luv your website!! thank you   -   My Doodle Pals from north carolina.

Your artwork always brings a smile to my face.  I come back time and time again to see whats new.  I've been using your artwork on our local webpage and I always get comments on it!   -   Shelli from Massachusetts.

Hey Ruru, I love your design and sincerely I would like to Know what is your meaning for such imagination and creative paintings.
Thanks, I am an old woman that became so young through your nice, realy nice design. I love you.   -   Analena from Venezuela.

Hi - I have just enjoyed your many beatiful graphics, Cheers from DK   -   Winnie from Denmark.

I have enjoyed your site and letters very much.   -   Dusty from Texas.

Let me tell you, that its great art! Thank you! Your pictures are so nice.... p. nachtigall   -   from Germany.

MAGNIFIQUE... FORMIDABLE... POETIQUE... NAIF... THANK YOU, THANK YOU,   j' adore, I love... bye bye, Marie...
from Amneville, Lorraine.  FRANCE.

We are leaving on our trip tomorrow.  we will be in France, on 28mar. for 5 days. hope to see you and jordi!!!!!lol!lol!lol!
Love   -   Cheri & Terry Pyles   -   from alaska.


Hi RuRu!!!!!!!!'A very Happy New Year to you. I just looked over your site & saw really nice artwork on your holiday collection & will be honored to send all my friends during the holidays. You are really  a talented artist indeed!!!! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful artwork & looking at your artwork brings smiles & joy to my life. God bless you & angels watch over you with much caring & love always.
Suzi R. from Ohio.

Season's Greetings to you, I loved your illustrations. - Raelene from Australia.

Hi there, Wish you too all the best for 2007!!! - Ellen from The Netherlands.

I just love your whimsey!  I smile every time I use one of your letters or tags.  Thank You soooo much! - Lisa Roberts from Florida.

Love your site Gods Grace - Karen aka LyonsLady from usa.

I love your art!   Thank you for your contribution to all of us!
Jules Burt lives here (in Tampa) and I go on her High Heel Hike for charity.  You have similar whimsey.
Lisa Roberts fom St. Petersburg, FL

ola   -   Catia Melo    from portugal.

I am suppose to be cleaning house.  Instead I am mesmorized trying to narrow down which stationary choices to make.  The are all beautiful to me.  Thank you. - Rox Benavides from Corpus Christi Texas.

I love you work!!! You’re amazing. Sincerely, Rosana.

I thought that you are Brazilian, by the energetic combination of warm colors. I liked very much your work, because it's very simple but it transmits a great peace, the happiness of a full simple life of love. I spent a good short while admiring the images of your website then couldn't let admire your pictures. I send you a warm congratulation from Mexico DF - Renato Gomez Herrera.

You have done an awesome job with your site and the letters you share with so many..thank you so much for sharing. Being on Social Security I have limited funds so I am unable to donate at this time but I do have you bookmarked so if at a later date I can I will donate to this is worth it. Again thanks..

just love the vibrance of your beautiful designs. - raelene from australia. are really INCREDIBLE - Vesna from Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro (Ex Yugoslavia).

I love all the dragon flies and butterflies. Have a great day! Keep up the incredible work! - Sherri from North Carolina.

I love your letters!! Your letter styles are the prettiest I've seen so far.. I use them all the time. Keep up the good work! - Robin from Ontario, Canada.

I love your drawings!! - Barbara Fry from Sunbury, PA.  USA.

Your stationery is wonderfully beautiful and fun.  I spent the last hour looking through all your images.   LOVELY!   Thanks for sharing!   Helga.

Your site is absolutely fantastic.  I would love to see more with Birthday on them. I'll be back. - Ann Quinn from Scotland.

I loved your work on the web. Sincerely, Jill.