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I just wanted to tell you that I love the bright and vivid pages you have. They are great!!!! Jennifer from California.

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful art. They remind me of going back tgo childhood when everything was so bright and colorful. Thank you! Mitra from San Jose, CA. USA.

Lets be happy because we are alive and we have the opportunity to love, work, read, and gaze at the stars and artistic manifestations.
In respect to the last, it's also true that we can't expect that everyone would like the bride. Making art it's only half of the adventure, the other half it's the response of those that view it.
The exposition that RuRu ( RuRu ) presents, deepens into one of the facets of mayor creativity on which she's very intertwined to the concept of creating a new world parallel to the real that doesn't reproduce the visible; makes it visible.
RuRu creates a fantastic world, existing only on the inside of her artistic mind, while the work itself transforms into a window to that universe, on which we can contemplate only as mute spectators the nature of her experience.
One thing is for sure, She gets us closer to the everyday realities, reassuring us on the things that surround us here on earth.
In RuRu, Her technical mix between the photography and paintings, with her own images or the family and friends as the main motive, it's her way of obtaining the point of reflection before the reality or virtue of space, before the notion of model of what is represented.
What matters to her it's the conceived final result, and at no time has a character of ending, perishing or dying.
Her work, digitally and acrylic has, the aspect of a game almost spontaneous, childlike. Made with ease and that hides a very calculated attitude of a great effort that reinforces her ideas and concerns.
E. Arboleda. - Art Critic, Writer & Journalist.

Thanks for making such a beautiful website! I have very much enjoyed it keep up the great work... Chanda from GERMANY.

Dear RuRu:

I am pleased to inform you that your work qualifies for to be included in the GROUP of ARTISTS we are starting.

The artists associated to our GROUP participate in a series of activities, directed really to complete an interesting curriculum on a par that to promote its work continuously.

Thus, by a period of two years, we will like to count on your work since we thought that, without a doubt, she will offer a good result to us.

We want to emphasize that the first programmed activity will be in the Museum of Miami.

Receive a warm greeting,

M. Rufi-Gibert, Artist, Art Critic & Artistic Manager.

Thanks so much for allowing me to download your fantastic paintings! all your paintings make me feel happy! you see the good in all the simple things ! thanks again from morag - bournemouth, England.

~~~~~~Thanks for your website. It's very very nice. I like it. I speak just a little beat English, but I'm trying ~~~~~~~~~~~CONGRATULAAAAAATIONS~~~~~~ I wish you the best ......... Bye: Patricia from ~~~~~~~~Guatemala~~~~~~~~~~.

Thanks for the additions!!! I always look forward to hearing from you. Peace, Holly from Cincinnati.

I absolutely love your artwork! You are so talented and your style and design is right up my alley! Sincerely, Susanna from Seekonk, MA.

I love your work its just as how i see the world lovely and colourful and bright keep it up. Rach from UK.

Dear RuRu, My compliments for your piece of arts because according to me they are beautiful pieces of art!! Keep it up!!! Regards from Malta-Europe!!! Michela.

Hello, WOW! This is the first website that I have been to whereby there are Ruru DiGiTaL ArT backgrounds that are hand painted! Keep up the good work, the backgrounds look very beautiful! I think they will definitely brighten up people's day :) Rachel from Singapore.

Hi, just wanted to drop you a note indicating my appreciation for all of the work and effort you've put into your Ruru DiGiTaL ArT. Thanks again for your continued efforts. edp. Nomad from USA.

I love the colors, the subject matter, uniqueness of these email backgrounds.... I LOVE THESE BACKGROUNDS. Patricia from El Paso, TX.

My sweet dear, you just keep on painting, all is really beautiful. I know you just from your paintings. I paint to and i have the same feelings as you do. " Keep on Painting " Much Love to you. Sandra :}}} from Montana.

Beautiful paintings; I really enjoy browsing through them. Margot from Washington Island.

Poem of thanks to RuRu
Just had to stop and lifted my spirits....on this beautiful Sunday....
Looking at all the art you do....
Makes me want to paint with you....
My brushes are paints are too
They haven't been canvas to view...
thanks for letting me see your collection decided to do a painting of the cat's reflection........this is a poem that comes to I gazed at the subjects...that you were draw....and brighten the I'm going now RuRu......that is all I can say......but in closing there is just one thing....paint me a bird..with a golden wing.......
Italmama from Florida/USA.

Hey Ruru, I enjoy a lot downloading your paintings...Colorful, Powerful and Wonderful...Thanx a lot for sharing it. Hugs!! Kmiuch from Per.

I have really enjoyed looking at your site. I am pretty new to all this stuff. It all looks great. I hope I learn how to use it. Thanks. Cynthia from Houston, TX.


My dearest friend *RuRu* CONGRATULATIONS !.... for being mentioned in such a wonderful way. Your exceptional talent deserves it totally. You are truly a great artist and I suppose I am one of your greatest fans. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your creations with me and the internet community. A warm HUG and my deep RESPECT is on the way to you from Cologne. *Tina*

RuRu, Your collections is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love every one of your paintings. Djamila.

Very good, I like. Megge from China.

Great web site.... keep up the good work. I'll will my friends.... Hugs, Henriette from Denmark.

I think that your indredimail creations are absolutely beautiful. Have a great day and a great life and keep up the good work. Take care and God Bless. Love. Jade.

They are absoulty beautiful and fun. thank-you for sharing your gift with me. May God bless you in an unexpected way for sharing your art with me. Just me. Mstoeknee from Carson City Nevada.

What a smashing site bright,bold and full of life. keep up the amazing work. cheers! Helen from Scotland.

Thanks for your hard work. Please, with the winds of war now blowing we ( us Vets ) need the inspirations of ww2.Aircraft nose art , Posters of Uncle Sam wants you. Just a thought, Thanks, Lee from Maine USA.

RuRu, Hello! Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork with me! The flowers and the animals make me think that I'm outside in a meadow rather than plopped behind this computer (I like my computer, don't get me wrong). I look forward to your email announcing the advent of a new batch of beautiful pictures. Now, I have to start more writing Digital Designs! Gratefully, Terese from United States.

Hi RuRu, Your paintings are absolutely gorgeous. A Total Inspiration. Thank you so much for putting so much of yourself out there. Peace and love, Joanne from Israel.

Hello! Thank you for your great graphical resource! David.

Your paintings are absolutely fantastic. As soon as I saw them I felt happy and lifted. Never ever stop! Tracey from Kent, England.

Dear Ruru! Really when my daughter Virna, surfed the internet and saw your creations she downloaded it for me... I guess now, it's the other way around, she's my mom, and i'm her daughter..'coz she told me I'm gonna like this digital designs 'coz she knows i get bored sending mails to my son John, working in Manila (he's a Data & Netwwork Adminstrator in a private company) 'coz there are no animations and colors. Also through this mail i won't get so bored. By the way I'm 55 years old. Now, i get thrilled writing mails... and sometimes my daughter would tell me "Mommy, i'm gonna use the PC, please?, i've got work to do. She's in her Fourth Year in College, taking up Computer Science in the University of the Philippines, Tacloban City. Well, thanks RuRu for coming up with this great and fun mail. Really, you make my heart sing ! See you when i see you, Babie from Philippines.

May God Bless You!! Bill Blees Jr. from Puerto Rico.


Your site is young, corolyful and full of happiness. Do not stop I like it very much. My english is not to good and I hope you will be able to reade me. Good luck. Lou from Quebec Canada.

RuRu...What a wonderful site you have. I spent a lot of time looking and downloading many of your great pictures. It is one of the best sites I have seen. They are colorful, insperational and very enjoyable. Please... keep up the great work you are doing. You should be very proud of your site. I shall tell all my Internet buddies about your site. You are a very special lady. May you have peace and love for you and your family always... A new fan... Love, Jaylena from Ohio.

Your work is outstanding! Aly from New York.

Love your site and your art. What I always hoped to accomplish. Maybe you will inspire me. Thanks for being so good. Gary from Dallas, Texas.

Dear RuRu, Your beautiful and artistic images are amazing! They will brighten anyone's day. You are truely God gifted. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing. Jim from St. Louis, MO.

I love your site. I love all the colors. Val from Samson Alabama.

I like this. thank you. best regards. Mahmoud from Alexandria, Egypt.

RuRu, your work is amazing ! Jackie from Brisbane, Australia.

I Love your colorful backgrounds!! Especially the palm tree ones!!!:) Healani from So. California.

A thanks for your cool free downloads to make emailing more fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kitty from SaltLake City.

I'm glad to know you art. All of them are beautiful and all these backgrounds has very deep meanings. Congratulations! Julian from Mexico.

Have a colourful day .... me and my sister loves your RuRu background ... she said it does brighten her day when viewing them .... since she has found out RuRu she got so excited about it ... thank you!. Have a nice day. Cheers, Hilda from Hong Kong.

Thank you for the new Digital Designs. I love you cheery additions to my wallpaper collection of Digital Designs!!!!! Holly from Cinti, Ohio.

What FANTASTIC & BEAUTIFUL artwork!! this is by far the BEST site i've seen! Thank you!! Sharon from Colorado.

Thank You !!! Mr. Moises from New York.