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you are great...I am an artist belong in a studio gallery here in miami beach you know are like could be big me xxx-xxx-xxxx  -  dee from miami beach.

I absolutely love your is so beautiful and colorful.....and imaginative.  Brightens the day immediately.... and makes you want to just sit and soak it all in.  I love it.  Thank you.  All the best to you in your wonderful career as such a talented and original artist.   Mandy from Edson, Alberta  Canada.

Hallo there.. Just visiting your wonderful website.. So much beauty and fun paintings you do. Very good painting.. Love from Sweden and Pia.

Dear RuRu,   thanks for the nice Ruru DiGiTaL aRt... my computer is full of its, because I couldn't choose... :)))   Many greetings from Hungary,   Nra Mszly from Hungary.

FANTASTIC.....simple fantastic I am not good in English, but I had to say hello to you and to congratulate you on your work. It is...I want to say that I really feel that you do that with great love. CONGRATS RuRu.:-))))) - Vesna from Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro (Ex Yugoslavia).

i love your site, it's great, thanks - edna attard from australia.

I just love the painting that you do. It takes my eye and is so relaxing to look at. I would give so much to be able to paint like you do. Did you have a lot of lessens or is this something you just have. I do the same with my flower garden. I made it so it looked like a painting. I wish I could send you some pictures of it. But I would love to paint so much more. Marsha Miller Defiance, from Ohio.

Your DiGiTaL aRt are the originals acrylic or mouse? if you use a tablet? they are such happy pictures. your talent is amazing. Linda from Canada.
* Dear Linda, all items are Hand Painted using the Mouse as a Brush on a PC

Aloha & Congratulations!!
Your Web site has been reviewed by or staff of webmasters and unlike most of the sites submitted to us, you are a winner!!  This is not an easy award to win.  That is why our award is seen so infrequently. Congratulations and Aloha, - Kealoha, Leilani, Bruce and Steve
Hawaii City - Web masters

Just saw this site from a friend that sent me the link.  Your stuff is so nice, I wish I was talented as you!  Thanks. sharon perez from amherst, ohio.

I LOVE your artwork!  It is amazing!  I plan on using these as stationery for the emails I send between my friends and myself.  I know it will brighten their days just to see these amazing pieces of art! I've clicked on every page in your collection and I am just so happy to have been given the chance to experience them!! Thank you so much! ~Erin from Chattanooga, TN.

Your art is awesome!  I love it!! Thank you for sharing your work!! Justina from Texas.

I love your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt!  They are so vivid and fun.  You have a great sense of imagination and zest for life.  Your personality shows thru all your work.  I didn't know you painted all this work till I just read what you've written here in the Guestbook.  God  has given you a special talent, and I'm glad you are using it to bless people like me with the fun, happy backgrounds to express ourselves. (since I am not artsy, you are for me!) I love the way you portray cats (I have a cat and a dog and love my animals like people!) and I have 3 sons, but your girls are the daughters I never had or the daughter-in-laws I someday will have!  I totally enjoy  your work.  Keep it up, and God bless you more and more! - Susan Bible from Ohio.

Hi there! Congratulations on your lovely work!! - Rebekah Raffills from New Zealand.

I Love your site, such wonderful colors and designs. Warm regards - Caryl from New Mexico.

I Love your bright colorful designs! Great inspirations! Wonderful for my journal!!!!!!Thanks for the downloads of Ruru DiGiTaL aRt!:) Keep Smiling Beautiful work! - Sandra L. Cheslak from Wisconsin.

Dear Ruru,   Thank you so much for sharing your home and opening your heart to us. Words will never express our feelings for you, Jordi, Imma and Emma, and Pesetta. We enjoyed our visit with you so much! Thanks for taking care of us. You are wonderful!!!! You will be in our thoughts and memories forever! Please come visit us in Alaska!   Love and hugs!   Terry and Cheri   from Ketchikan - Alaska.


Hi RuRu:   I just visited your site for the first time and I have to tell you that I am completely in love with your art.  Your use of colors is inspirational to me and simply put...I feel good when I look at your work.   From one redheaded artist to another, thank you for sharing your beautiful art.   -   Andrea from Chicago.

Supersite - You are Inspired. See You. - Karl - Heinz Thielke.

I admire your site and would like to send me newsletter about your new things - if you use to. Congratulations for creativity! Gordana from Croatia.

Bravo and thank you for these splendid works, as I see my life, filled of all these gourmandes colors... thousand Bravos. chrystel from france.

I first came across your site almost a year ago and enjoyed it then. I must say that you are consistantly expanding in color and ideas.  I am so happy to have found you!!! LaVonne from California/USA.

GreatSite, Great Fun!! Can't thank you enough!! I'll tell as many people I can about you. So very glad I entered the site. Take Care. Barbara from Massachuseets, USA.

Just wanted to tell you what a really neat site you have-thanks for making it available to those of us who have don't have any talent!!Thank God for you guys that do!! Thanks Again!!   Linda.

Hi !!! Just want to say that your artwork is beautiful and i so love using it in my e mails. I am always sending people to your site cos they enjoy seeing them so much. It is a very refreshing change to see such vibrancy, and it makes for a more happy smiley world! Especially in this age of us all surfing the net for something just a bit more special!     Thanks so much for letting us share your work! love, caroline    x x - from England.

Hello, yours pictures are faboulous.....and I love all what you made.. you are a really regards. adriana bernasconi from geneva /switzerland.

Your paintings are absolutely wonderful!!! thank you so much for sharing them free of charge....if I were you I would check into making a book of your paintings...dedicating it to your girls....maybe a book of postcards people could send and share...have you ever contacted a gallery? your work is wonderful thank you thank you   the are a bright inspiration bringing happinessa nd sunshine to all  all who use and recieve...thank you - theresa from colorado,usa.

Wow to you too! Your note to me made me smile on a Monday which is a great thing! Bright Blessings to you and your loved ones too and keep up the art that makes you, me and I'm sure many other people happy :) I'll be back every once in awhile to see what new things you've added!   Hugs, Owl/Simone from NW PA in US.

Your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt makes me so HAPPY to look at it!  I downloaded many of them!  Your art reminds me of one of my favorite artists...Marc Chagall.  I'm always happier after looking at his art and your art makes me feel the same way.   I hope you are as happy in your life as your art makes me happy to look at!   Hugs, Owlfriend from NW Pennsylvania in USA.

This is the most fun, wonderful site I have ever seen!!! Roberta from Manchester NH USA.

Enjoyed your site. will call again and pass it on to my friends. Thank you. TERRY from NORFOLK ENGLAND.

Hi, your drawings are beautiful, I like it very much. greets sigrid from germany/berlin.

I like your site. - .wade from Atascadero Ca.

Love all your art work!  God Bless Christy from Los Angeles.

Congratulations for this very beautiful work, I love the colors and the animals you draw... kisses... azalye from france.

I love your artwork!  It is the best on the web.  Mary from california.

A great work - I enjoy every day with these beautiful pictures. Thank you!!! All my love and affection, Finne from Germany.

I believe that you have GOD giving talent. Thank you for sharing!!! - sue from Illinois.

Simple but elegant and at the same time the explosion of color!!  What a talent!!  I love them --- ALL of them!! Thank you so much!! - DeAnn McCloskey from Sharon, Pennsylvania.

VERY , VERY NICE AND  COLOURFULL. mY BROTHER'S DAUTHER mARIJA...she is 9 year old send you her pictures , from last year... She took part on international paint contest , and win 3 pleace.... Sorry , my English is not good... Good luck ....... Blanka Joksimovic from Yugoslavia....Serbia.

There is a pure, uncluttered joy in your choice of colors and images. For that reason, your drawings are very appealing and bring delight to your viewers.  Thank you for sharing your work so generously. - Joy Cogan from California, USA.

Ruru, I have been in your site many times and i really like the way you see the world, full of colors, full of optimism, full of brightness. Thanks for sharing this view of the world with us. - Itzel from Mexico.

I would like to thank you very much for your Art Work that I have been able to download your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt and also to be able to send to my friends. Keep up the wonderful Art Work. Thank YOu   Sheree Tippet from Australia.


I just love your site.I will come back again and again. Keep up the good work. - Dee Gibbons from Vancouver B.C..

I love your work, they make great Digital Designs to dear friends, Thanks - Leeann from New Zealand.

You truly are gifted; thank you for the beautiful stationery and I love being able to use some of my favorites as wallpaper.  What a fabulous site.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!!!! - Terry from Charlotte, NC  USA.

Beautiful Digital Designs, i don't know which one to choose, everything is beautiful. Thank you for the free Digital Designs. - marij from nederland.

Hi Ruru, Just visited your site. Was suprised by the colours, originality and beauty of your designs. Not only will I use them as wallpaper but also as background on my mobile and desktop on my computer. Didn't wanna miss this! Will recommend you to my friends. Thanks.   Hans   from Netherlands.

Love your stuff .. just downloaded a GOB. .. thanks. Mabel from California.