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A-MAZE-ING.this is my comment for your works, First time I see the best arts,on internet. hundred timeS I saw the arts,but not like yours,very good ARTS.I think your eyes like EYES OF GOD,isn't?so bright and so sharp every arts you have, I  love you RuRu,good Luck,Good Everything.BAGUS SEKALI........ see U, AGUNG GABRIEL -LOMBOK INDONESIA.


Hi! If the people would think and feel the way this drawings do; the world would be different.   Thanks. - Anna from Florida.

Hi RuRu!  Just downloaded your latest Digital Designs!  They are beautiful! wonderful DiGiTaL aRt! Thank you Christy. - from LA Calif.

Hi !! - Thanks RuRu !! - I Love You !! - Shirin from Tanzania.

Hi! Just few words to tell you "BRAVA"!! YOUR PAINTS ARE GREATS and i've downloaded most of those...::))) Now my mails are more funny and cute than ever, thanks to you!! Ciao - Silvia from Italy.

I like very much your drawings. The colors are so alive! - Francine Labb from Canada.

Gee i really wish i had your talent....never saw work like yours and i love it...the colors are lovely.......specially the catstats!!! Hugs and kisses from Holland!! See ya!!!! VAmpi.

This site is absolutely amazing! Me and my three year old daughter love looking at all the colorful paintings! You are doing a great job! Hope this site stays successful! And as we would say down here in Alabama-- "Y'all have a wonderful and blessed New Year!" - Tiffany from Huntsville, Alabama (sweet home alabama!).

:D))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))   !!!!! * * * * *   xxx *** Ana Maria Mascarenhas from Portugal.

Dear ~ RuRu ~   Like always: I do love your artwork totally ! Your letter backgrounds go more and more beautiful and I always look forward to your newsletter with new outstanding creations.   You are the simply the best !   I wish you and your beloved ones also the most wonderful Christmas Days filled with Love, Peace and Happiness.   Heartfelt Greetings are on the way to you from Cologne/Germany   Your greatest fan ~ Tina ~

Hi Ruru, i'm simply supefied, your drawings are lovely but most of all they carry the joy for life....Well done. ciao. - Enza from Italy - Naples.

I must say that You are the gretest..I never saw someone with more creativity...and love for everyone...I am greatfull and honored for having Your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt.. Thank You again...I wish You all the best in life...and keep up good work:))) - Nathalie from Serbia and Montenegro.

When I look at your drawing, I feel less alone. I'm so happy to have found someone who sees the word like me ! It's a great pleasure so I want to thank you to be yourself and to express it, to give it to others. Thank you very much, I love what you do !! - Virginie KIRCH from Chateauroux, FRANCE.

Thankyou for your wonderful art-work. My friends are always asking me where I get the fab. pictures and I tell them about your site. You are very gifted. Happy Xmas. Barbara Halliwell from England.

I found your Beatles music. Did you make any stationery with Beatles things on them?    I sent your site to a friend that collects all kinds of Beatles stuff. He is like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar enjoying your site. Thelma from Oregon, USA.

I enjoy making people happy whenever they get an e-mail from me. Your designs are the 1st I seen with such vibrant color and expressions. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us. What a happy way to express oneself.        Nicole NSZ - Louisville, KY.

Dear RuRu,   I have spent several hours here today after discovering your work. I have enjoyed myself so much and wanted to Thank you for the freedom to explore and to learn. You are having such fun!!!!   Your daughters are beautiful and it is easy to see where they get their looks, LOL. Thank you again. It has been delight-full   Rosan Durham from Bergheim, Texas USA.

Thank you for all the lovely stationery which have downloaded from your site. Myra from Canada.

IT'S SUPER GENIAL !!!!! - paralieu from france.

How wonderful!!!!   I am entranced!!! Vicki from Liverpool UK.

Hello Ruru,   Thank you for your wonderful art website. When I first came across it, I was stunned! It is fantastic and thank you for sharing it with everyone. You are a very special person and an inspiration to me. Your site is the best. I've ever seen and will ever see, no doubt. Thanks, and may your beautiful spirit live on forever in your art, never to be forgotton!   Love from your No. 1 fan, Beverley Carter - England.

I LOVE your letterheads.... This is the first time I have visited your site and it is absolutely wonderful. May God bless you in all you do Love - Julie (Jewel) Martin from Florida (born and raised here).

Hi RuRu! I've just recently downloaded some of your stationery.They are really great! Thanks! - David from Zagreb, Croatia.

What can I say, Ruru! You have made my day. You are a very very special person with a genius'insight that affects emotion. May your essence and fantastic spirit expressed in your art, live on forever and ever. Love from beverley,your biggest fan! - bev from england.

Your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt is SUPER!!! Thank you :) - Olga from Ukraine.

My God! These are beautiful and the colors are absolutely divine!! I love them!!! Maria Teresa Rowe from San Diego, CA.

Your drawings are just great! Thank you! - Laessig Liselotte from CH-8800 Thalwil.

I LOVE your artwork. It is so bright and pretty. Thank you for making these pictures available to all of us. Elkie from St. Louis, Missouri. U.S.A.

Thank you very much for your work that you have done.It is very refreshing to see such love of your art on the web. It resorts you fath in the world as to beauty and people.In closing thanks for being so genres with yourself..   Best Regards Daniel K.Oliver from Detriot MI.

I enjoyed using all the art work and keep up the good work. We all appreciate your wonderful talent. Ralph Nishiyama from Panama City Bch, Florida.

i like your beautiful backgrounds and i like it all your site. shandana from pakistan.


Super site! a lot of originality, research and TALENT. With you the next mails I send will be full of charm and gaiety. - monique sailleau from france.

Wow! What beautiful pictures. Amazing!   I would love to see you incorporate some zebra and colorful leopard into your marvelous work! your Digital Designs are incredible! They are absolutely beautiful and your style is so unique, cheeful and colorful.  It makes you smile.  I will make sure I deep your link handy!  thanks for sharing =0) Shirley Webb from Oklahoma.

I LOVE YOUR ART.. It is wonderful. Thanks for making it. Teresa from Indianapolis Indiana USA -

It's very very nice - Ola from Poland.

Hi! Many thanks for again giving us so much pleasure with all your lovely Digital Designs. We also love the tags....keep them coming! Your site is an absolute delight, as is your work and we can see from your own photo what a happy and friendly person you are. Very many thanks and best wishes from Michelle and Bas - Nederland.


Absolutely fantastic ...i was getting a little bored with other stationery .. this is just what i needed ,,, Thank you - Steve from UK.

I love all your makes me happy. and my recepients happy to receive my emails. Thanks, Alice from united states, torrance, California.

I want to thank-you for sharing your talets with me. YOU are one of my favorte artists, I alwasy see your work popping up every where and I scroll down and there is the RURU crown. Thank-you for sharing, I can not create but I love your work. I hope you have a great day - Debbie Woodward from North Waterboro,Maine.

I like your beautiful Digital Designs ! - Shpend from Skopje.


You are one of the very few artist that I have come across in my life that is so WONDERFULLY talented. Every piece is so happy .... and so YOU !!!! I would like to thank you for giving me such happy thoughts for the past 2 hours screening your artwork and downloading them, it has given real joy. Just a question of curiosity, do you actually sell your paintings? I mean the original ones and not the printed ones? I would be very interested to find out more about yourself and your work. If you have the time, please email me. You are wonderful, thank you.   Warm Wishes. - Tan Kah Mei from Malaysia.

I want to have always these images in front of me to cheer my eyes. Berenice Tischer from Brazil.

This is a wonderful site. Thank you for sharing your wonderful paintings with me. I just love them. - Irene from KC, MO.

I think your work is Great! You wouldn't believe the comments I get from people when they see your work in the e-mails that I send (unlike the other art that never gets mentioned). You are very popular amongst my friends & family. Keep up the good work & don't ever limit your imagination,(it would be a shame if you were to keep all those impressive images all to yourself!). Terri from Oklahoma City.

I appreciate the holloween downloads. My kids love them as much as I do! Take care and keep up with your digital art, very nice work if I say so myself.   Thanks - Osvaldo Castillo from Houston Texas.

Thanks. love you. Van Overloop Peter from Belgium.

Dear RURU, I like your drawings. They remind me of naive paintings I also like. Please go on painting pictures so colourful and so lovely. One can see how much you like doing this. I also like your friendly face. All the best for you, GERDA Rocholl from Germany.