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    More than 7000 totally free original pop art designs made by Imma Fita Payes

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Awwww heck! I totally LOVE yer Incredi-Digital Designs!Super for wee little kids!Especially the bright color ones. Devonne from Canada.

Your paintings are BEAUTIFUL...Unlike anything I have seen on the net.:) - Krisna from Missouri,USA.

I love your work, there is nothing else like it.  It always makes me happy, and it is so fun to share with others through Internet.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the beauty you see and create! - Gina from Florida.

great site.I'm glad I found it. patriciaann from park hills, mo.

I love you pictures.  Thanks for the joy your work brings to me. Judy Shaffer from Anaheim, California.

RuRu, Great stuff. I enjoy it all!! The digital art is super! - Harry Helms from Georgia.

Dear Ruru! Today I discovered youre pics. They`re fantastic!! Its really a present, to look at them! Thanks a lot!! Youre great! - Margit Esther from Germany.

No matter how often I visit your wonderful site, your creations bring such a warm smile each time. Dont ever stop! - Norman

Dear RuRu,   Wonderful is always fascinating to swim in your stream of colors...God bless u....Thanks. - Hasnat ahmad from PAKISTAN.

Thank you for the wonderful Ruru DiGiTaL aRt...tres magnificant!! The drawings are delightful, and bring smiles with them. Very original and creative, keep reaching for the stars with your dreams. - Dianne from Pennsylvania, USA.

I just wanted to let you know this is the first time i have been on this sight, and i think it is very good work of the art and the pictures. They are really good art. - Teresa from Arkansas.

Hi my name is Margaret.First of all i would like to say your website is absolutely beautiful.What made it a truly exciting journey for me was the COLOUR.I love vibrant colours.I love your style of art.Thank you so much for letting people enjoy your work. Take care...Margaret from Sydney..Australia.

First time visiting your site. I love it. - Terrie Varnum from Cuthbert GA.

I love your work - MAryJane from Chino Valley Az.

Just found your site through Internet today and wanted to tell you how beautiful your work is. Through you, I learned to use your gifs and pictures in my Outlook Express mail also.  Many thanks.  Carol Monnett from Chico, CA.

Once more visiting your lovely site. I love your paintings, they make me smile a lot   Take care   Vicki xxx from Liverpool UK.

RuRu:  I LOVE your artwork. They are just fantastic!  I have looked all over the internet, and never found anything as absolutely precious as your work.  As I looked at each page, I would just say "wow" how adorable! I still just want to say, "thank you" for allowing the use of these are desktop wallpaper.  I just love them.   Sincerely, Bonnie Cheshier from Arkansas.

Thank you for making our lives on email more bright and colourful.   Well Done Mate !!! - Lynette from Australia.

Your works make me  happy   ~  ~         Joyce from Hong Kong.

I just love your paintings. Veronica from Australia.

RuRu,                                       I have just discovered Ruru DiGiTaL aRt and, I think your site is FANTASTIC. I really love how colorful everything is. It's the kind of things I really like.                    Sincerely,                                   Angela Klesener from Nauvoo, Illinois.

Thanks for a great site to look throu and download stuff, i have also got a few desktop wallpapers, there also cute, thanks for doing what you do, regards & all the best, Christine C. from England UK.

Just have to say you have the most beautiful of all backgrounds that I have seen.  Your talent is wonderful and you are special to provide these lovely things for general use.  Thank you many times over and my best to you and those you love best!!  Nina Baugh from Missouri.

I love your cats and volkswagen beetles. u are so nice thank u so much - Kitten from Florida.

Your page is my favorite is really so wonderful. Thanks for all. Vickie Honey Martinez.- from Acapulco, Gro; Mexico.

Thanks for your awesome work! - Cesar Cavazos Lopez from Monterrey, Mexico.


Your stuff is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Madeline from FL.

The best web site for DiGiTaL aRt i've seen,well done and keep it up!! - Debbie from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Well ... what you do is just AMAZING !  Just seeing one of your drawings brightens up my day.  What an incredible talent you have ! And most of all, how generous you are to share it with others. I just put your Website in my favorites. How can I live without it anymore ?!! ;)   Thank you for bringing such colorful joy and happiness in our everyday life.   You are great ! Enjoy life Ruru !   Nancy Belanger from Montreal (Canada).

Very nice site - great Digital Designs. Thanks for sharing. Bob from Lafayette.

Just a quick note to remind you Ruru of how much I enjoy your site. If I'm ever feeling down, all I have to do is go to your wonderful paintings and I feel happy again! Thank you for the happiness, you are much appreciated by me and all your fans. love from your No. 1 fan, Beverley Jane from England.

I found your work when looking for some new and refreshing stationery.  Your work is amazingly uplifting and always makes me feel happy. I love your bright colours and textures...thank you for putting them online so I can share them with my cyber friends. Best wishes from Australia, Eli   :).

Love your site.  It is really great.  Your work is great. - Terri from seaside, oregon.

I have had a hard time getting to your letter section but know i will really enjoy downloading your Digital Designs bye from North Carolina               Judy Ann Kellum.

ruru   your work really cheers me up.. thanks are awesome!!!!! - Robbie from Richmond Va (originally Australia).

HELLO RuRu thank you so very much for the free have given me so much pleasure i now enjoy letter writing and sending emails,every email i send is a surprise to some one around the world to friends and family alike .thanks. karl  VAN HOUSON from UKRAINE.

You have such a great site!! Love all your bright beautiful cute fantastic colour and design.I do enjoy very much all of them..never get bored..just to click and couldn't wait to see the next one!!   I am sure anyone who receive my mail would be so happy just to look at what a so creative you are and how nice of my letter to them.   Thanks for your all wonderful collection.I just simply love it!!     * Yuavamaln * from Land of Smile..Bangkok..Thailand.


Thanks for allowing me to download your beautiful art.  Really enjoy sharing it with my friends on my e-mails! Have a wonderful day. Shirley from St. Louis, MO.

I totally love your collection.  My girls will be so thrilled when I write to them at their dads.  E-mail will NEVER be boring again.   Thank you so much.  You are very talented. Janice Moen from Shoreline Washington.

Thank you RURU for all your wonderful creations!!. I see alot of myself in your work, it's just amazing. I will be purchasing your work in the near future. Keep up the lovely art and God Bless You! Your friend in flowers, Nancy Manning from Pahrum, Nevada.

Thank you!  I love your work!  Thanks for sharing your DiGiTaL aRt!  Candy from USA.

I think this is great I love play with it all day I do not talk to anyone I just send letter.Thank You. Darleen from Calif Manhattan Beach.

Some really great and unique work, keep up all the hard work. Norman Garrett from United kingdom.

this so nice of you and others like you. i think this is great that things can be free to people. jackie from oregon.

Your stuff is excellent.   Wishing you all the best   Alex Ballantyne from Teddington, London.

Dear RuRu, I really like your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt. Regards, Jeanne Burke from California, USA.

Hi RuRu, your site is excellent :-) kimmy from Liverpool, UK.

You are very talented! Love the artwork! Love the originality, instead of other sites that just have one thing on the page, and have nothing special. I just love the way you make the Digital Designs by what you have seen! Great Job! Love your site, keep up the great work. take care, charlotte from tennessee.