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Dear RuRu, I like to complement you on your fine art and I hope your professional career will bring you celebrity and fortune. I like to thank you for letting me use your art in my e-mail program.It is a good way to show your capability all over the world. Let me assure you that your creativity will travel to my friends in the world. It is great idear perhaps I should use my photo library as well to explore the world.   Ed Deering retired commercial photographer. - EDUARD DEERING from THE NETHERLANDS.

I liked very much your Digital Designs. monica from brasil.

This is pretty cool being able to come and visit your site. Keep up the good work and I will be back. Jamie from United States/ Chelan Washington.

I love your colors and flowing lines. Your hearts and flowers are beautiful. Thankyou for sharing your talent.   LaVonne from San Antonio, Texas USA.

RuRu, you're the best! your art is spectacular. diffidently a gift from above, your great with your colors and ideas, don't ever lose this wonderful thing you have. GiGi from San Pedro, California.

Amazing! Your art is very beautiful and happy-brings so much color and joy to a often dark and dreary world!. Lisa from Chicago, Illinois.

beautiful, pure, wonderful, thank you for sharing your talent, you are blessed. lori from florida.

You really have some lovely stuff on your site keep up the good work!. Brenda Renison from Portsmouth, Oh-USA.

Oh RuRu,   What a wonderful talent you have been blessed with!! Your pallete exudes life, joy, innocence and energy, something so wonderful to see in a soul and for viewing online as well. I think you have a new fan!!! I love your art and it's so rich and entrancing I wish I could afford to buy one of them!!, I would! RuRu have you ever thought of doing doves? I would love to see one of a dove in some artistic form. I love the windows you paint with the curtains they seem to beckon us to peace, love and safety that is waiting right outside that window! Have you ever seen the movie, "WHAT DREAMS MAY COME", by Robin Williams? You would love that movie for its artistic effect alone.....the beauty of life and death and painting that breaths life between must see it.   Blessings and Love, Dove from USA~Indiana.

I really think that your use of color is great!!! Some of the time your paintings remind me of Picasso. Please do keep up the good work. Also I Love Cats, Birds, and Flowers. Wanda from Alabama.

I can say just a word: magnificent..... kiara from France.

Just Great! Beautiful work! Thanks RuRu. - Patricia from Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.

I just LOVE your colors and art!   I am a teacher and I see a lot of childrens art in my everyday work. You gave me a lot of ideas using these wonderful colors in your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt!   THANKS for giving us a chance to use it in our mails! I am sure some of my friends will visit your web!!!   Have a colorful and happy day, and I wish you the very best!!!   Anne-Lise from Norway.

Beautiful work. Very inspiring. Thank you!

You are extraordinary!Your works seem to belong to fables!I wanted to give you my congratulations! Lorella from Rome.

I love the color. They are incredible, a burst of life. It's a pleasure to contemplate. Elia Ferreira Chase from Paraguay.

I loved your website better than anyone I have ever seen. The bright colors are wonderful! Thank you so much. Sherry Cone from Temple Texas.


wow - lynda from lancashire. uk

Great Art! Thanks, Kate from MARYLAND.

Dear RuRu,   Congratulations. Thank you for your nice creatings. They are fantastic, great, and wonderful. I love art world, and here I see wonderful ones. Marjan Kamali from Iran.

Dear RURU!   I love your site! God bless you and give you happiness for this wonderful job! Britt-Marie from Sweden.

RuRu, Got a real kick out of your artwork. Enjoyed the freedom and spontaneity of your work. Thanks for making this site available. Best Regards, Sharon from new jersey.

Love your site! Thanks for sharing. Von from the deep South.

What you do it's brilliant, brings color and joy in the messages. Thank you and follow like this. Amelie from France.

Hi, i would like to write hee, for other people see that your job is wonderful. You do this with your soul, and it is wonderful. I am sure that all my emails will be wonderful with your job. Congratulations. You are fantasticaaaaaa! Kiss from Brasil - IsinhaK.

RuRu you have some incredible pics :) i was writing to say i am an ex writer from the blue mountain company and a poet and i would like to know if you would like to see some of my work to add or inspire you as you added color and dimension to my life thanks ttyl....i hope. DARRELL from Buffalo NEW YORK.

Hi RuRu. What Can I say?..... Simply Incredible!. Thank You for the Colour!. Carol Hartley from Australia.

Your incred mails are cute and creative! Fiona from Taiwan.

Hello Ru Ru, Just discovered your colourful happy pictures and I LOVE them !!! I am a commercial artist and I think I know what I am talking about.You must be a very happy person who loves life. Keep up the good work ! My best wishes and regards. Hannelore Bucan from Toronto, Canada.

This is the most cheerful site ever, keep it up!!!Great art work, it makes you SMILE! Angela Davis from Hobe Sound Florida.

Hi ,i would like to say that i have loved your art works really loved alot. thanks alot ruru and keep up the good work. Bernardo from Miami.

This site is by far my favorite! All of your pictures are absolutley to die for, I can't stop going through them! Thanks for putting out a site worth while! Colleen Moeller from Huntington Beach, CA.

Simple - I like your site. Great. Chris from Brighton, UK.

I like your Digital Designs, they are very unique! Sheri Greding from Illinois (USA).

Thanks a lot for all these fantastic and beautiful Digital Designs for incredit mail. The site is easy to use and so cute!!!! xxx. LeeLoo from France.

Very nice pages!!greetings from Croatia-Europe. sandra spoljarevic from croatia.

You have a wonderful talent, your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. Dawn from Ottawa, Canada.

Just like to say your artwork is fabulous,i have never seen such a beautiful kind a childlike quality to your pictures.......ive shown your site to friends and they are well impressed..what more can i say but keep up the beautiful pics............ xx ... samantha from united kingdom.

You do really a great job and i can call you a true artist. Thanks for your nice work. behnam from dutch-persian.

What an amazing site RuRu, it was an absolute pleasure visting your site. Maria from Germany.

I Collect Penguins, have you ever done anything w/ penguins. I did not notice any in the 92 pages I have been through of the Ruru DiGiTaL aRt.
I equal you to VanGoh, who's art I love too!!!
Later, NAN from Taylor, MI, USA.

I thought your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt were really cool. I even downloaded a couple of your pictures into my PC. Hannie from Chelmsford.

Wonderful stuff...... and just beginning to explore... thank u... christa holman malcom from georgia usa.

Your creations are just the very best.... Love them all....they really tell a wonderful story in themselves..... Thanks. Dandy from West Simsbury, CT.

I just came across your site through a link on the Internet. I just wanted to say that your art work is beautiful and inspiring. It makes me feel happy inside! I will share your site with all of my friends! THANKS for sharing!! Angie from Newnan, GA USA.


Hello, I spend a lot of time on the Internet and your page is great, I can tell that you put a lot of time in it. Take care. David from Dothan Alabama.

This site is the more incredible wonderful I saw until today. My congratulations for your creativity and good taste. You are really an artist and deserves a note of 1000. Pretty! Wonderful! I love you! God gave you a precious hair. You are wonderful. A kiss ... Ernesto Roos from Brazil.

This site is so pleasant. Aileen Snider from Kemah,Tx.

This is by far the best sight that i have visited. Thank you for your time and dedication to this . I really enjoyed this , again thank you ! BILLY RAY from MS. , U.S.A.