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My sweet *RuRu*. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a talented artist. You are *colouring my life*. I am proud to know such an awesome woman like you are ! All my love to you, dearest friend... and warmest greetings from Europe, Cologne/Germany. Christa Millat-Neufeind (aka) *Tina M*.
2002, July 13

"COOL" I LIKE. I like your pictures. It is so cool. Shannon. 2002, July 12

Loveee your work, just starting with computers, and having a great time with your DiGiTaL ArT site. thankzzzz . MALENA from Massachusetts. 2002, July 11

Fantastic collection. Thanks for sharing it and keep up the good work! My e-mails are the nevy of my friends! Anita Trim from England, London. 2002, July 09

I love your DiGiTaL ArT stuff!! I have sent it to all of my e-mail friends. They have also said that they love it too! Darla. 2002, July 09

I love your website ! Please send me new updates. I love your paintings. It is so much fun to go thru your gallery and find so many different ones. Thank you for sharing them. God Bless you. Thank you very much. Nancy Aduluth from Minnesota. 2002, July 09

Fantastic artwork, just love it!! Jovika Ness. 2002, July 09

RuRu, your artwork is absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Dee Torquay from Faith, North Carolina. 2002, July 09

I love your DiGiTaL ArT stuff. Bye. Pily de Carmona from Mexico. 2002, July 09

In one word AWESOME!! Heather from Graytown, Ohio. 2002, July 08

What incredible DiGiTaL ArT creations. Pamela Burridge. 2002, July 07

Lovely works of art!. I really enjoy having it! Thank You. Judie Kypta from Pgh., Pittsburgh. 2002, July 07

I just downloaded a lot of your digital designs the other day and have been browsing all the sites that offer wallpapers. I LOVE your art work! It is the best I have seen. Thanks so much for providing this unique and beautiful work to use. Merlee Adkins. 2002, July 07

Your pictures have such a down to earth feel about them. Joe Kelly. 2002, July 07

Your site is very nice! Thanks for it. Denyse Thibault from Quebec city, Canada. 2002, July 06

Excellent work. Thank you for sharing and allowing it's use. Willy. 2002, July 05


Hello to you RuRu, I "absolutely LUV" your stationery and I download just about ALL of it with every new letter. It is so pretty, light and just the way I see things too!! I love the pink tiled one with the little ghecko on was in your last update. ADORABLE! Keep up with your "Wonderful Work". I look forward to your Digital Designs each week. Again, I love your stationery and use it very often! Thank you for sharing. Much luv, Paula from Bonita Springs, Florida. 2002, July 05

Dear RuRu, Much appreciation and many thanks for all the lovely artwork that you produce. Best wishes, Michelle and Bas from Europe, The Netherlands.
2002, June 29

I am a first time visitor.Thank you for your creativity and for sharing it with me. Pierrette Davis from Canada living in Florida. 2002, June 29

I love most of your works, thank you for your talents and the soul to share them with all of us. goddess bless. Daidrick (aka) daidrickthegood from California.
2002, June 29

I just wanted to say that when I first opened this site, I thought ugh, but once I got to looking around I really like what you do. I have downloaded tons of your creations, and I cant wait to use them. Keep up the good work. Christina. 2002, June 28

Your pictures are wonderful! Lucky for me that they are free! I will certainly tell all my friends about this site. I know they will love it, too. Thanks. Mollie Talbert.
2002, June 27

Hi there RuRu. Thanks for takin me away for a while. Terriffic site. Will be the best Digital Designs I have !!!!! Holly Stradling. 2002, June 27

I like this site! mamasue. 2002, June 26

Hi there! wow! what a brilliant site! I have only done 10 pages and I have got loads for my computer!! such colour and energy.... makes me feel happy just being here!! well done... I will be back!! Debbie Sanderson (aka) Deb from England. 2002, June25

Your Digital Designs are lovely. What a splash of vibrant colours. Take care. Martine.

Great Site, Very nice graphics. Good to look at, keep going, Cheers.... Sinoj K. Thomas John from Cochin, India. 2002, June 24

THANK YOU for a beautiful site. Lissa. 2002, June 23

Hi, I just discovered your site and I wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art work with us your fans. Your art is amazing. Thank you. Egyirba. 2002, June 22

Love this stuff! I really like your work. Thanks. Kelley. 2002, June 22

A Kiss - Jueuja from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

God bless you! Sharon Wendt from Nashville, Tennessee. 2002, June 16

This is such a wonderful site and these pictures are so beautiful!!! Keep up the good work!! and thank you for all the great things you have on here. Amanda Stickel from Shelby, North Carolina. 2002, June 16

Just wanted you to know that I absolutely adore your arty creations. They are so beautiful !!!! What does RuRu mean in French, if anything ???? I've noticed one letter has the name Genevie in it? Are you from Switzerland, RuRu? You have one hell of a wonderful talent, the colors are so vibrant and "happy", your Digital Designs are so heart warming and positive. Just love your job!!! Keep up the great work. You've made a huge difference in the world of the DiGiTaL ArT. Thanx, Anna Marie Bushby from Vancouver. 2002, June 13

I love your site and have used some of your art. James from Canada. 2002, June 11

Great downloads...very cool. Candy from Canada. 2002, June 11

I would like to send my appreciation of your artwork and to tell how much they have brightened up my emails and of course those to whom I send mail! I always look forward to the new work that you do and again thank you for them all!. Michelle from Europe, The Netherlands. 2002, June 06

Hi! My name's Dawn & I stumbled upon your site while searching for stationery, etc. I just wanted to let you know that I think your work is wonderful! The colors, designs, textures... they're all beautiful! What kind of art is it? Keep up the great work! Have a wonderful day. 2002, June 04

Dear Ruru, your images are very very nice, Marina, from Europe, Italy. 2002, June 02

The only word that I would have to say about your work is ........ fantastic!!!! I love your art work!!. Holly. 2002, June 02

Hello,, i just can say that your Digital Designs are the best that i have ever seen in those web sites,,,i loved them and in one word they are perfect :)) Asli Sunal.
2002, June 01

I love your site. it is so cool. Misti Lasky. 2002, May 28

Hi! I just wanted to know that your works are BEAUTIFUL!!! My daughter is going to have a fit when she see's your site! I've never seen anything like this before, PLEASE keep up the GREAT WORK!!! Thanks, Pamela Parker. 2002, May 24

Hello from Quebec!. Your work is very fantastic. I like all those colors. I'm a french girl.  I'm sorry because I don't know enough  word in english to say how is fabulous. Bye and thank you to make bubbles in my brain when I see your work of art (heart). Nancy Perron. 2002, May 24

*Sweetie*... I thank you so much for the wonderful backgrounds.
Ohhhh my poor little gray brain cells.. of course... I found them in my *RuRu*-folder LOLOLOL
Attention please.. do you know that I am also a Poet ??
I love
RuRu's art -
as well as
RuRu's heart -
that is
really HARD -
  Don't miss to visit my cyber-friend Site's   *Tina M's*  Homepage

because Tina do not know what she loves most.... *S*

  MY  Pop-Art  for  YOU ! *S*
(The first poem I wrote in my life !!!!! , exlusively for my beloved *RuRu*) LOL
*RuRu* I do not like your guestbook ! It is not possible to leave a gift ! <sigh>
A HUGE HUG and ALL my LOVE to you. Christa Millat-Neufeind (aka) *Tina* from Europe, Cologne/Germany. 2002, May 20

What a fun site you have! I mouse paint/draw myself - I certainly enjoyed your talents! Thanks again. Lynda. 2002, May 19

I thank you so much for the lovely downloads you made available to me. I like to email my friends and use stationery that will interest them. Again, thanks.
Milton. 2002, May 18

Your art is wonderful. I enjoyed looking around your site. Nancy. 2002, May 17

Your artwork is beautiful. just couldn't leave your site without telling you. Diane Siegel. 2002, May 17