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---LOVE your collection! keep up the good work! Brenda from Pennsylvania.

Hi, I like a lot your great site. Silvia from Italy.

Hi Ruru, Truly speaking I think there is no words that can explain the beauty of your paints!!!! I'm entering your page every day since I discovered it!!!! It's co colorful, I love it!!! I really would like to know more about your work, could you send something telling about it? It will be great!!! And please let me know were I can find more about it!!! Hope to hear from you very soon, Your brazilian fan, Paula Gomes.

I found this network and its look is special. i like painting too. hope i can get friend with you. peggy from taiwan.

Dear Ruru, I'm finding in your paints something that makes me happier then the other days!!! It's so colorful and it brings us a lot of love and in the same time there is something that make me to want more of this life!!! You are an amazing artist!!! Congratulation!!! Love all of it!!! - Paula Ramos Gomes from Brazil.

Dear RuRu! You are a most delightful artist, imaginative, joyful...really a delight!It lifts my spirit every time I visit your site. My enthusiasm for your wonderful art! I am a painter also, and truly appreciate you and your work...and thank you for still offering it free!!! With kindest regards,   your true admirer   Erika Haucke - from Germany.

Hi RuRu! I and my son both adore and use your Digital Designs! Thank You! You are a BIG angel! Hugs! - Your Biggest Fan! Pamela from California.

Very nice. liked it - bharat chopra from new delhi.

The whimsy, warmth, and love that show through your work makes this world a much better place...thanks for brightening my world and allowing me to brighten the lives of others through your art. are an amazing woman ! Thanks & peace to you. Steve from Bentonville, Arkansas.

Love your work! can't wait to start sending e-mails:) thanks! - Milana from Hrvatska (Croatia).

WOW! I loved! Your draws (paints) are very beautiful. Congratulations! - Mariana from Brazil.

I think your ideas are just great , lovely and colourful. Keep on with the great work. cheryl jones from australia.

About your HALLOWEEN Digital Creation, That's great! I'll have a look, though I know already that I'll love them... thanks, -heinz-- Heinz Tschabitscher - - Guide to Email

My grand daughter is 18 months old and loves your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt; and thanks; she will love it more!!!!! Not only does she look foward to the mail; it has increased her vocabulary!! kathryne v cool - from Austin, Texas.

WOW!! I love your artwork... your backgrounds are awesome, amazing... totally beautiful.   Thanks for sharing them. Jules from Australia Wollongong.

Thank you for the music - I am going to be using some of it and LOVE the fact that you chose to do the Beatles.   Peace and love, Pema from Australia.

I am glad to see your picture .               I love you!                             thanks.            Ben from Taiwan of R.O.C

G'Day RuRu, I just wanted to tell you what a magnificant, fantastic job you have done with the Beatles Midi Files Collection. I am an ole rocker ( 50's ) but loved the Beatles doing the early 60's stuff which I have saved for my Incredi Digital Designs. What a huge venture it must have been for you. Thank you eversomuch for sharing your work with all us Incredibuddies out here. Have a great day, bye for now - Bevie from Australia.

This is THE greatest collection of Beatles midis EVER! Thanks for the lot of work that surely went into it! As about the greatest Beatles fan this side of the galaxy, I am REALLY pleased!   You really made my day!   Regards,   Lothar from Germany.

Fantastic site. Love the Beatles page. You have worked hard and much appreciated by us. Jules from Aussie land.

Congratulations for your art and your love to the nature, your pictures has a very glad color and I have seen how you like the cats as myself too, my most deep admiration. greetings, Carmen from Washington..

By chance, I have received a mail, in where was written your site address, I am enchanted with your very pretty drawings with their color and life. Ana from argentina.

I LOVE your work!!! The primary colors in a sophisticated, child-like manner!! - Maje from Chillicothe, IL.

I find your site very lovely. I do love your drawins and they add a chldren's fairy tale sort of background to my everyday mails ... literally! :)   Thank you for your hard work. Pi from UK.

I love your art work. thank you for letting me look at your work, lovely, very lovely, God bless you. connie fen and grandchildren. 2003 - from Gilchrist Oregon.

Never before have I seen color used in such an expressive manner. Your art touches the soul. My kids, of which I have 4, are simply overjoyed at the mere sight of your work. I emailed my sister your website and I know that she will be thrilled to see it. bye for now. julie brooker from toronto,ontario,canada.

You have a wonderful site! Thank you very much. Von from Deep South.

Thank you for your beautiful pictures. Now I can send them to all my friends by email. Maaike Sweers-Zuidema from Holland.

Hi RuRu, just went through almost (the rest I will later) all your beautiful pictures ! I love the colorful, friendly, peaceful and cheerful sceneries you are portraying !! you are very talented and for sure a neat person, too !! Greetings from Nuernberg, Germany - Andrea.

Hello,   it's very nice being a member of your list. Thank you.   Kind regards,   Shirley van Cleef from The Netherlands.

I love your website ! What great fun ! - Christine.

Got here via a from a link on IB and wanted to say THANKS!!! for the music.. love it :) Hugs - Sonia from belgium.

Just had to say thank you after helping myself to the Beatle Midis. Thanks for all the trouble you obviously took in making this collection. Very much appreciated. John Bailie. - from Australia.

thank you so much for the Beatles midis, it is great to have them ! - Christine from ma.

WoW what a great site so many fab things to choose from .  Keeep up the good work! - Sarah from Britain.

a friend from work sent me this site   love everything thats on it   thanks - flatlanderladi from

RuRu you're an angel!! I can't believe you made all those Beatles tunes... it's fantastic!!! Thank you sooooo much!   Love & hugs, Simone - LongBraid Designs -


Hi, I visit your site for the first time. It's great. Continue to developp your site. Have a good week. Johann Leclerc from Rimouski. Quebec, Canada.

RuRu I adore your use of color I am an artist and sculptor and Your site caught my eye. What a wonderful collection Thanks :) Stacey from Brooklyn NY

Lovely!!! How many arts!!!!!!!!   beautifull!!!!! I love your site!! teresa lebron from dominican republic.

You have the most wonderful backgrounds! I feel like I found a pot of gold in seeing all these wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! Pat Godbey from Ohio--USA.

I like very much. Mohammed Nabi Khan from PAKISTAN KARACHI.

Hi! RuRu   You make me so happy,i love you what you do .It so beautiful ,peacefully and in the same time joyfully.You make my day...Tank you Christine Allard from Quebec,Canada.

Hallo ,beautifull site ,i enjoyed my stay here ,keep up the good work ,greets from Belgium,Rudy.

I LOVE YOU !!! - KISSES. Carlos A. Castro C. from Venezuela.

I like your art work. It's fresh. Thanks for sharing it. Joy Skaggs from West Plains, Missouri, USA.

Your designs are the small sunbeam which misses to who receives the e-mail. J'adore!!! Thanks. flor from france.

I love your paintings very much, they are so beautiful and colorful. keep up the good work. Ardealia McGhee from ST. Louis, MO.

You are a genius! I liked very much your drawings !!!!!! Malu from Chile.