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Thanks so much RURU...thanks for making my year so much fun with your beautiful Digital Designs....I hope to use
them a lot more this new year 2003....I'm the lady who sent you a poem the first time I signed your guest
book a couple months ago... so here is one more..... HAPPY NEW YEAR RURU
The new year is coming as fast as can be
what will my eyes view...from Ruru "A SEA"
will it be azul.....turquoise and green...
or will it be a big yellow submarine....

Now I'm thinking about the Beetles you see do you remember all the wonderful songs that played on
our radios...all day and night long
Ringo, George, John and Paul they were the best songwriters and greatest musicians of all

Ruru I wish for you joy, peace, good health and may all your dreams come true
I'm sending these best wishes especially for you thanks for the email
Geri in Florida

I like your letter pictures because they're very artistic and colorful. Keep up the good work!
Micheline LaRoche from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

My best wishes to you and your family for a successful and Happy 2003. Your "Best Sites listings
" inspired me to develop a web site around Internet.. I have around 2000 site hits a day. When I was
listed as the "site of the day" it jumped to a record 950 hits (wow). Thanks for all of the time and efforts you've put
into keeping up the listing for us. Ed from .


RuRu, Just wanted to let you know that i think your stationery is darling, I downloaded a
few for myself. Keep up the good work! Chelle from Michigan.

My best wishes, Mada from Cairo.

keep up the good work. fran from indiana.

I come here often to see what is new, all your work is very nice. Thank you so much. ((( HUGS ))) Julie from Standish, Michigan.


You are so good!!!! I LOVE IT!!! The only things I have now, are yours, one by one I took
everything else off. Your's is the very best! Thank you again!
Renee from Texas.

Happy Christmas! -Jenny-.

Happy Holidays! -Silvia-.

It's hard to express how grateful I am to find such a wonderful FREE site out here in
cyberspace. This message is from the Christmas City of the North...maybe you didn't know that..Duluth, Minnesota...
maybe you'll even have to take out an atlas to find me. We're right on the eastern tip of the greatest of the Great Lakes....
Lake Superior. I wondering where you are located? Right now, Dec. 20th, almost 10 PM it's a beautiful 17 degrees
and it's a white Christmas for us. Not enough to ski yet, but soon I hope. I'll be using some of your outstanding art work as
backgrounds for my Christmas messages....thank you again....wishing you a wonderul holiday season.....from Milt in the Northland,
Duluth, MInnesota.

Dear RuRu,
You have been accepted for representation by Agora Gallery, New York City.
I am pleased to inform you that your work qualifies for Agora Gallery representation.
The body of work as a whole reveals an expressive method of painting;
there exists a heightened understanding of structure, color an apposing elements
of spontaneous movement and orchestrated composition. The richness of emotional nuance is very powerful.
Agora Gallery was established in 1984 by a fine artist who was looking for an opportunity to break into the New York art market.
We hope you will find it important to be a part of our family of artists and a member of the SOHO community,
one of the most important centers of the art world.

Agora Gallery ,415 West Broadway, New York, NY.

I'm the webmistress at LongBraid Stationery Designs <>. I just wanted to compliment you on your work & your talent which has brought me back many of my
memories from the 60's.
Warm regards, Simone from Maggie Valley, NC.


I just HAD to take the time to tell you that I think your work is fantastic.
Your style is something I have been searching for on the net for over 3 yrs now.
I really liked the wild colors and flowers and the ones with Peace signs in them. Again, thank you!!! SuLeigh from Mesa, AZ

thank you for allowing me to use your site. I will be senting your cards to all my friends,
for christmas. merry christmas and god bless. glen from upper mich.

Love, love, love everything
!!!!. You're great. Claudia from Brasil.

great art, really good.
Adam from sheffield uk.

Waaaayyyyy to go. They are ggreat & Neat. Annabell from Denver CO.

I love your stationery. Thank you!! Patty from Wisconsin.

Your work is so natural and real. I just love it. Thank You for shareing it. Dasie from Nebraska.

You have a real God given talent from the heart. So many beautiful Digital Designs. Keep up the good work. Nancy (Nana) from Chattanooga, TN USA.

Love all your paintings very colorful indeed. I used to draw alot when i was young, so i know good work when i see it. Keep up the great work looking forward to seeing more... Gilbert from Germany via Chicago.

All I can say is WOW! You should be so proud and impressed with yourself. I think that you are an amazing artist. Thank you for giving me the privelege to view your art work. My husband is very ill and I have had too much sadness and well, whatever. Your art work has brightened my day. I wanted to crawl inside every picture. Thank you so much. Please continue with your gift. Wow, Love. MJ from Tacom, Washington.

Love Love Love the Christmas stuff. Jac from Brisbane Australia.

I'm the email guide for About <>. I really like your DiGiTaL ArT <Imma Fita Payes at> (especially "tree", of course), and I'd like to share them with my visitors. I have, however, picked July, Boats, Spring and Sun stationery ...-- I hope you don't mind?. It's great! I really like it, and I'm sure the About Email users will, too! All the best, -einz . Guide to Email.

Your artwork is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.
I have a degree in fine art, including a backgound in Art History. I can see various painters "popping" up within your creations. Most of the images shown on the site display solid/real artistic creation...albeit it is overly borrowed from the Flower-Power generation.
Reminds me of several Naive painters..with the spontaneity and "fresh" quality of the genre. it ALSO reminds me of my "earlier" days....looooong ago.....when I was a playing child. Keep up the great work!
SE GA., USA, the moment.

Nice 2 see u RuRu! U have a Incredible site here & i like a lot what u did here. May be u r RuRuQuin, how is writen on this crown... :o) Sometimes the nice thinks is so simple but inside of them they r with a lot of soul from deepest of a big heart. If u want 2 know me visit my web page, soon it will be also in english and I hope u like what u'll find there. Keep in touch and good luck 2 anything u do everyday. Bye! Stefan from Romania.

RuRu, I just discovered your site tonight & I loved it. Your work is very interesting. I downloaded A LOT!! Thanks, Ann from TX.

Brilliant! Fantastic! Superb! This is the best site I have ever visited. I don't know how many I have downloaded but I'm sure I SHOULD have downloaded all of them!!!! PLEASE do some more PEACE and do some Scottish. Thanks for making me happy and the best of luck! Ann from Scotland.

Wow, these backgrounds are awesome you sure have a talent... I downloaded some to my PC know I will love useing them, keep up the great work, would love to see some more birthday ones and also some sympathy type ones would be nice to use. GOD BLESS. BEVERLY from ILLINOIS.

You have beautiful paintings, they are as pure as a childs and you are letting the child within each of us out.thank you so very much. your paintings are what I feel, Julie from Michigan.

Dear Ruru, I just love your art, I have just found it and want to download everything I see. You see, I am not a painter or artist but I love other peoples art and paintings. I especially love nature scenes. Thank-you for enabling me to have such beautiful backgrounds for my Digital Designs.
Ps. I wish you much inspiration! Vanessa from New Zealand.

What fantastic works of art!!! I love all the beautiful vibrant colors you used. I have downloaded quite a bit of your Ruru DiGiTaL ArT stuff. This is great. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us who aren't so talented as you. Nelda from Houston Texas.

Hallo.., I like your site and Digital Designs very much, very good painting and nice subject !!!! Lots of succes, Max from The Netherlands.

Very nice, and good of you to share with others. Thank you for this wonderful page. Janet from Massachusetts.

So cool. Thank you for sharing. I love these new uploaded DiGiTaL ArT designs. BONNIE from MCPHERSON, KS.

This is my first visit and I haven't seen everything yet. Thanks for sharing. Bett from Lake,Michigan.

RuRu, You have such a wonderful site, I have downloaded so many Ruru DiGiTaL ArT for my computer. There are so many, I was spoilt for choice and could have gone on all night! Thank you, for producing such excellent artwork, I'll keep coming back for more! Alison from Manchester, England.

I just love the new Christmas pages, thank you sooooo much for them and sharing your talents. Wishing you and your family a GREAT Thanksgiving, MERRY MERRY Christmas, and a HAPPY HAPPY New Year!!!!! -Jenn from California.

Love your artwork, so warm, colourful and happy paintings!! Karen from North Wales, United Kingdom.

Hello RuRu! I love your site and it looks great! Laura from Chicago.

This site is totally awesome! These pics are the greatest and thanks for giving them free. FANTASTIC ! Mary from Las Vegas.

I absolutely love your artwork!!! It is so bright and beautiful. Thank you very much for allowing us to have it free to use in our emails. You are quite a gift. I enjoyed browsing through your digital and acrylic pages too.  Very fun work. It started my day off on a nice foot. It is so lovely. By the way, I am an artist also. If you would like to see some of my work too you can go to: Thank again, Stephanie from Georgia, USA.

Dear RURU, thank you. I think your art is just beautiful!!!! I am sorry to say that my dog feels you tend to be a bit predjudised. It is a good thing she does not send too many emails. Patty from Chicago.

YOU are MY hero!! I ADORE YOUR ART!!! I just discovered you tonight. I want to know more about you - your art - I've never seen anything in my life that has connected with me like your creations! Thank you!!! Marci from Scottsdale, AZ.

My daughter ran across this by accident,, and emailed it to me,,, it is so great and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with every one,,,,God Bless,,,, keep up the great work.. Carole from Dayton,,Texas.

I am so impressed with your art work. And my email has become so much more fun with all of the backgrounds I've downloaded from your site. Keep up the wonderful work you do. Ruby from Wisconsin.