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Your work is amazing.............. I have never felt this way about any art before. You are truly gifted!!! I look forward to seeing more of your work. June from Canada.

I think this is a great site. I specially like the zodiacs signs. Russell from Western North Carolina.

I think you are a good colorer! :) D'Lynn from Seattle WA.

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your paintings. The colours are wonderful and the subjects enchanting. Whenever I look at them they make me smile. Thank you for the pleasure they give me. Gloria from Canada.

Congratulations! Your paints are simply wonderful !!! Monica from Sao Paulo - Brasil.

Great place, nice work. so much fun. Jorene from CA, U.S.A.

GREATTTTTTTTTTT Site. Thanks, Jimmie from Crosby, Tx.

I have visited lots of Internet sites, but yours is the BEST! I have been having a ball downloading your stationery and can't wait to send some email...thanks for a terrific site. :) Helga from Southwest Georgia.

Your site and letter designs are fresh, bright and full of hope. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Regards, Rose.

Very pretty Digital Designs. Thanks you for the chance to look at them. Kathy from Terre Haute, Indiana.

I love your Digital Designs.... very creative and makes my mail look so neat... Many thanks... Mike from Clarkston, Michigan.

Wonderful work -- quite inspirational! Kristen from Colorado.

Looked at this site early in the morning and it was a great way to start the day. So vibrant and alive. The dog as a cat is very convincing. !!!!! lol. Thanx 4 the pix. Really brightened my day !!! Ann and her babes.[ 5 cats. ]. from West Bromwich, England.

Looks good. thanx. Cliff from NH.

Just a note to say that I like your 'VERY' colorful stationery. wish I knew how to create such pictures... but totally new to computers. Karen from Colorado.

Beautiful site thank you. Renee from Whitby - Ontario Canada.

Hi Ruru ! Very windy night after a very bad day ... was in trouble tonight ... couldn't catch any sheep to make me enter into nice and quietening dreams ... nothing better than a comforting surf on the web ... found my best dreams with the right colours gazing into your paintings ... many thanks tia Ruru :o) Laurence from Paris - France.

Hi !, How are you?. A BIG KISS. GIL.

Nice Web Page. E.J. from Jennings, La.

Great job. Casey.


Really nice your DiGiTaL ArT ... Makes sending emails a lot more fun only ... Best wishes. Elke from Netherland.

Your pictures were absolutly beautiful. I wish i had some artistic talent, but none. Stick man/women specialist. Again thank you for the use of your site and keep up the good work. Lisa from Norris Arm Newfoundland, Canada.

I like all. Viridiana from Mexico.

Very enternaining site, I really enjoy my computer and adding new stuff. Dianne from Indianapolis.

I just have to tell you that the work you have shown here is terrific and you deserve credit for the artistic fantasy involved. Marion from Canada.

Groovy site!! Thank you, I'll be back! Tracy from East Sussex - UK.

Thank you for making your incredible art available to everyone less talented like myself. you are a treasure, ttfn Diane from British Columbia, Canada.

I love your stuff!! Renee from Texas.

Love your site.. Marie from Pa.

I absolutely love your paintings, thank you for sharing them.  I enjoy visiting your site! Dawnmarie from Pennsylvania, USA.

Really enjoy your art work. It is really fasinating. Pat from Pace, Fl.

I found your site for Internet. It's beautiful. I'm an artist, but too new to create by computer. I don't understand the tech. yet. Your work is the best I've found so far. Excellent!!! Nene.

Hi RuRu, I just visit your page and I feel in love with all your paintings. Just looking at them give me such peace of mind. I had a lot on my mind before I dicovered your page but, once I started looking at your art, my head ache went away and I felt so free. Think God for RuRu for his paintings are my medicine. God Bless You and Your Family, Debbie Jones from Union, New Jersey, USA.

Keep up the good work! Ulemu from Malawi.

Well Dang, Oh Sweet Lady, how do you begin to thank such a person with such incredible talent... THANK YOU. WOW, your pictures are nothing short of GREAT. I have spent the most part of today telling everyone to go look at your stuff. I have looked at every single one on here. As a lady living on a farm, they were ALL so appropiate to send to all my Goat buds out there. If you should ever be so inspired to paint a lol lol just think of Cows. After all your Doffie is a Cat, JUST loved that.I wish you a LONG LONG and prosperous life. Such talent needs to be around for a very long time. I wish you the very best with your talent. Can't wait to see more. THANK YOU Again..... Thank You for sharing it with ALL of us... Ms. Charlie from British Columbia - Canada.

It is really like a dream for me to watch your incredible talent. God bless. Love . Gertrude from Bushey, Watford - ENGLAND.

It is the first time i visit your page, i like it very much ! ! nice ! ! thank you for sharing. Ada.


I enjoyed my journey through your backgrounds incredibly. It is very obvious you enjoy life and its wonders. I can't wait to use your backgrounds in my e-mails and share them with my friends. Wonderful! and a pleasure of simplicity and sweetness. Thank you for sharing your work. Olga from Nicaragua but living in New Mexico.

A Dear hello from Vienna, my compliments, beautiful site, it pleases me. Greetings, Anna.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was getting very tired of the same old sites. I have searched and searched for some new ones. Now thanks to you I have found them. I hope to see alot of new sites join your list . I love the DiGiTaL ArT and I can spend a whole day just downloading new styles. Keep up the great work. Dawn.

Ruru,Your paintings are a delight to everyone I show them to. What a refreshing feeling. Thanks, Niura from Brasil.

Love your Artwork! Lisa.

You R so CleVer! I don't know how i came upon your site, i guess a link from Internet, which I absolutely love,(I have like 3 different windows open displaying areas of your KEWL site!! Please Thanks again, and yes, like others say, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK RuRu :O) Kelly from Amador County, California.

What a cute of you! Fulee.

Thankyou, thankyou, for bringing color and joy into my life, My number one site reccomended to all my friends home and overseas. Cecil from England.

You have some really great pictures. I enjoyed them all. Judy.

WOW!! Gotta tell ya, I've never seen such original Digital Designs!! Fantastic job and thanks for sharing. I just wish I could do that!!! thankyou again!!!. Colleen from New Jersey.

Wonderful site, with which one can prepare large joy. Traude from Europe, Vienna.