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Stupendous, wonderful, out of this world. June Abbott. 2002, May 17

Hi Ruru, these arts are soo awesome. I love them all! Keep up the great job! Brandy. 2002, May 15

Dear *RuRu*. OMG ! How I love your creations ! The best Digital Designs I ever saw. You are totally creative and a great artist ! I admire your work and look up to you ! My heartiest greetings are on the way to you from Europe, Cologne/Germany. Christa Millat-Neufeind (aka) *Tina*.
2002, May 13

Great things you made, I really love it !! Keep on the great art !! Annick. 2002, May 12

Hello! May I first simply congratulate you in the wonderfully fantabulous designs that you've created. Your work is inspiring - I LOVE IT! I love your work! Keep up the good work.  :) :) Samantha. 2002, May 12


Dear RuRu, First of all, great sideburns. You look like a warm and gentle soul. Great colors. Great art work. Thankyou for sharing it with us. i could have downloaded almost everything, but i did manage to use some restraint. Keep up the uplifting,bright,light hearted wonderful work. It is a blessing to be shared by many of us. i know that you will be greatly rewarded for your generosity and your generous nature someday. Honor your gift always by continuing to do marvelous things. Be kind to your daughters..always. Thankyou once again. Good Luck. Chickie from Akron, Ohio. 2002, May 11

It is really cool , you are a great artist , I liked your Digital Designs very much, good luck. Maryam from Europe, Belgium. 2002, May 11

Dear Ruru, You have very cool paintings.... Brendan Thomas (aka) Cheetah. 2002, May 10

Hello from New Zealand. Like so many others that have made comments I too have just found the your DiGiTaL ArT site and consequently your site. The vibrant colours are daring and wonderful. The topics and artistry you use is very simple and childlike. I like it very much. I cannot believe you allow such artwork to be downloaded for free. I am grateful to you. Samantha Peddie. 2002, May 10

Thank you for sharing your beautiful & fun artwork!!   we would like to see what you have for sale, but we're not sure about signing up for ebay. is there anywhere else that we might be able to see paintings/prints that you would be willing to sell? your fans, Chuck & Dara Caudill. 2002, May 05

This stationery is the most fun of all? Keep up the great art work :) Terry Wells (aka) Zoe.

I am new to you but from what I have seen I look foreward to fun. John Esmite. 2002, May 01

Hi! I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your Digital Designs---, I've been downloading them like crazy today! I am so just as bright of a person as a lot of these are! They are GREAT--keep up the good work! My husband even thinks they are cute!! Ross & Kiyo Kidman. 2002, May 01

Greetings from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Love your site and your nice bright art. It makes emailing so much fun and always puts a smile on a sad face. Thank you..... Jane Eggins. 2002, April 29

I will book mark your page, and visit often, it was so wonderful, and really words cannot describe it well enough, maybe its because I have (2) daughters... but it was just "inspiring"... Thank-You !!!!!!!!!! Mia Samess (aka) Mia Barr. 2002, April 29

Loved it!! Great! Those Colours! WOW. downloaded almost all. Refreshing to see such things. Thank you to make them free for wallpapers. Kiss. Wendy Salters. 2002, April 28

Greetings from DownUnder (Australia) just love your site......... beautiful colours.... keep up the good work....... Mazelle. 2002, April 27

Absolutely beautiful. Love your work. I had a ball downloading. Annette. 2002, April 24

No kidding, you make me smile. Thanks for all your wonderful stationery. It makes writing a letter fun to get and to receive, A fan, Tamara M Atkinson. 2002, April 23

I snagged some really nice Digital Designs from you.  Way Cool !!!  Thank you very much ... Terry Wells (aka) Zoe. 2002, April 20

Hi, your page is really cool, I really enjoyed your ecards, how did you do it ?. thanks a lot, DAN. 2002, April 17

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! For so wounderful creations!!!, I think its great to be able to do so fantastic work!, Greetings from Europe, Vienna. Monika Bajer. 2002, April 17

Hello! I found your website tonight. It is awesome. I just discovered DiGiTaL ArT - that's how i found your site. I just wanted to say that when i look at your art - it makes me feel happy. blessings, Becca. 2002, April 12

I really like the colors and designs you use. Simple yet very pleasing to the eyes. Lisa Crawford. 2002, April 08

Ruru, I love your artwork! It is so colorful and bright and your imagination comes through on every print. You should become an elementary school teacher and pass along this wonderful talent you have. My best wishes to you and may your art career reach new hights. Carol.
2002, April 07

Your art is very beautiful.Your colors are so alive and your perception and topics are very down to earth. Your flowers remind me of my daughter's art which is like the flowers she painted as a child,and still paints the same today. May you have great success.From State of Mississippi. Thank you for sharing your beauty.I will share it with friends. Jerrye Barre. 2002, April 03

I love your art work!  fantastic!!! Thank you!!! Beth. 2002, April 02

Amazing adventure with refreshing and so different....lots of good luck and thank you for sharing them ..... Roberta. 2002, March 30

I really like your artwork. Just great!. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Best regards from this side of the planet. Frederick Post from Europe, Switzerland. 2002, March 29

I like your work a lot!! Thanks for it! . Diane. 2002, March 28

I need only visit your sight, no matter what time or how I am feeling emotionally, it transforms my world. I love rich and vibrant colors and you are the best in using them to brighten this life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Charlotte Hardin. 2002, March 28

I am new to you but from what I have seen I look foreward to fun. Dennis. 2002, March 27

Dear RuRu, Thank you so much for creating & sharing your original art work that can be used with my computer. I found your offerings through the main Internet.......... Yours are some of the brightest, most "fun" designs I have added to my Digital Designs & many people comment about them when receiving my e-mail messages. I appreciate your efforts. Have a good week, Rosemary Nelson West. 2002, March 26

Just found your website and I absolutely love it!  The colors and designs are just awesome.  It feels like spring to me, looking at all your vivid, bright colors.  I am very happy I found your site and I will continue to download your Digital Designs as I have just subscribed!  Thanks so much, you made my day!!! Cathy from Canada. 2002, March 25

Thank you for letting me download some of your work, I truly love you art, they add color and happiness to life..... thanks again. RaMona Evans
(aka) Mona. 2002, March 25

Your site is REALLY nice. Eileen Fitzgibbons. 2002, March 25

Hi Ruru, Thank you for your beatiful windows an cats. Silvia Poggetti from Brazil. 2002, March 25

Just wanted to let you know that I love your work-it's as if you have custom-made them just for me!  Please keep up the good work, I'll visit often!. Marcelle. 2002, March 24

I appreciate a lot your site. Thanks. Marco Carnelli from Europe, Italy. 2002, March 23

Hello Ruru, I am not one who would be considered an art lover; I never go to art museums or shop for art, or visit art websites. I recently starting using computers and MUST tell you that your artwork is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! What a delightful style you have which has inspired an interest in this 53 year old grandma. You are very most welcome. I have e-mailed your site to my daughter so she can enjoy it as well. Your work is so very nice that you should have your own gallery for everyone to appreciate and enjoy it's colorful bounty!. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Hugs from KC. 2002, March 23

What an awesome and exciting site RuRu ! Your drawings are beautiful and alive! I think I almost downloaded every page! I am sure to pass your artwork on to all of my friends. Thank you for sharing it all with us!. Gwen. 2002, March 23

Hello ruru, I find your drawings superb! I do not know with which techniques you reach that point? I would like to know if would be possible to use one of your drawings on my site? I thus ask you for the permission, thank you. Freddy from Europe, France. 2002, March 20

Hi. Kellie Christopher here.  Love your site!!! 2002, March 17

Hi RuRu, Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your letter creations are. Again thank you for your beautiful work. Buy the way how on earth do you do it?. Alena. 2002, February 26

Hi RuRu, I just wanted to say that when I first saw your Digital Designs I thought " Oh, IM Digital Designs for kids. Great." Over time I found that there was still alot more kid left in me then I ever knew.Thanks for your amazing designs. I know your popular, Best Wishes. Madeline. 2002, February 25

Whoever you are, I absolutely admire your artwork!!!. Thanks so much for making it available on internet. Thanks again!. Nina in Utah.
2002, February 25

Dear RuRu, I usually don't write the people who make Digital Designs but I have to tell you how wonderful I think they are. Thank you so much for sharing them. Arlene. 2002, February 25

Love you work. Bravo! I too am an artist and love to see other artist step out and show their "stuff". Thanks for all the great papers. Mavis James
from Canada. 2002, February 25

I love your Digital Designs.... I love your site.... I'm using in my jobs.... Thanks. Simone from Brazil. 2002, February 25

Hello RuRu, Your site is wonderful, Your designs are really beautiful, Please do not stop. I have download them all. I live in Europe, The Netherlands. Bye bye, Linda Fowler. 2002, February 25