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    More than 7000 totally free original pop art designs made by Imma Fita Payes

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This is a great site !!!!!!!!!!!!! krystal from Tennessee McMinnville.

This is the best art site I have ever seen. I love the colours. I wish that I had been clever enough to paint just like you. You are wonderful. Your new friend. Marion R Seguin from New Zealand.

Hi, just had to let you know how absolutely gorgeous your letter backgrounds are they are bright and cheerful and the best i have ever seen. thankyou so much. Marney from Australia.

Hi, I have greatly enjoyed your Ruru DiGiTaL aRt and many of those from your list of sites - Debbie.

Your stationery is beautiful. Thank you for letting me use it. Keep smiling, Astrid. from Australia.

Your stuff is soooooooooo much funny. I love its vibrant colors - I didn't had enough time to see all of them - thanks. noreen from canada.

hi! love the pictures! its about time some one used lots of color, it lifts my spirit. blessings. Sita from monroe, wash.

This is really neat stuff! Betty from N.Y.State.

Your stuff is so awesome!! I have two black cats and it is so rare to see black cats part of anything positive. You are very gifted!!! Thank you for allowing me to access your wonderful mail to send to my near and dear ones. God Bless, Marilyn O'Donnell from Cave Creek, AZ.

Thank you for making our lives better. Grace from El Salvador.

I loved your site! You are so creative and full of ideas that fit any mood, emotion or experience. Thank you for sharing your pictures with me! Katina from Utah.

Love your stuff! HAWK from BOSTON.

I find your paintings refreshing and fun! Eileen Kehler from Dunkirk ,Ohio.

your artwork is beautiful, I love them all. robyn jones from australia.


Very good I've really enjoyed it. Richard Walker from Slidell, Louisiana.

I enjoyed your work. It is very colorful & creative. A refreshing change. Great work. Rose from Export, PA.

You have done some really great work on your website. Keep up the good work. Chris from Ohio.

Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Iam definitely coming back. Tanya from India.

Very nice. Jum from Thailand.

I love your site !!! Congratulations !!! Karinna from Montevideo - Uruguay ( South America ).

Very fresh, full of charm and good mood. The colors of life. A child's heart. Bravissimo. Lili from France Sud.


Hi Ruru!! I spotted your lovely work and then I downloaded some to send emails to my sister. I am living in Scotland at the moment and my sister was much depressed that I left home to come here. But I sent her many emails with your work and I must say you helped me loads with your drawings, and your colours!! Thanks very much to put a smile back to my sisters face!! Thank you very much!! PLease never stop with this lovely work you do... Marilia from Brasil.

These are very unique, I like them alot. Sandy from Ontario Canada.

Thanks for the wonderful Digital Designs. they are so much fun and so many to choose from! They make me smile, and I know they will make the ones I e-mail smile also. God Bless. BARB from New Jersey.

Congratulations to you!! Your creations are fantastic, it's a magic world... like in my childhood...Go on.... Isa from Reunion Island (France).

I love your sooo colourful drawings, & wonderful cheerful take on life... Trish Bailey from melbourne australia.

I love your art.I have 5 grand kids and it is prefect for them,at all ages.Good work!!!. I forgot to tell ,I couldn't get off you pages!!!all good!!!. Freddi Kaye from Porthsmouth,Va.

Love,Love,Love your site!. Please keep up the great works of art! Sandy Mittendorf from Benton, Kentucky.

I Love your email stationery.I teach first grade and your art wok looks like childrens drawings.I am in the process of trying to get some childrens story books published,have you ever thought of illustrating any books?You should think about it,you would be great.Thanks again. Sandy Malone from Florida.

Just great. bobilu from Denmark.

I just thought i would let u know how much i like your pictures. They're very beautiful and unique. I actually saved some so i could use them as backgrounds on my desktop. Thanks for your creativity! Chanda McCaskill from Hickory, NC.

Your art is so beautiful!. Thank you!. Seasun from PA.

I can not begin to tell you how wonderful and beautiful your work is! I look at one set and then another and think that I will come back later to see more....but just one more set,lol. I have added many to my PC and can not wait to send such joys in my messages to those that I love! Thank you!. LuAnn from North Carolina.

I just wanted to let you know I just discovered your site and absolutely love it!!! So colorful!!! AWESOME JOB!!! Lisa from RhodeIsland.

Your site is fabulous and your pictures wonderful. Do from La Reunion.

Your artwork puts a smile on my face and music in my heart! Definitely the best I've found on the web - Thanks for sharing and don't ever stop! Liz in Texas. Liz Copple from Beaumont, Texas.

You are the very best !!! keep on going !!! :) Best regards, Strega from The Netherlands Europe.

Loved your artwork, refreshingly off the wall :-) Mark from London.

You are such a busy lady, I just thought you wouldn't, but now that I see what a wonderful, and enthusiastic lady you are, I should have known that you would! RuRu, I'm quite sure I've met "My Match!"  It's not often now days that you find anyone with any real "life" in them. You know what I mean? Enthusiastic, positive, etc. Well, I see that in you, and I've always been that way too. My father called me "Bubbles" because I was always so bubbly. Now I'd like to share with you. I wrote a poem about enthusiastic people. I'll bet it would fit you to a "T". Here it is just for you! I saw all of the things I mentioned in my poem in your beautiful paintings.  So you see it is true! "It takes one to know one!" Your paintings are so ALIVE, AND SO VIBRANT! They are also very invigorating to anyone that loves life, and loves people, and loves nature!  Your message certainly comes across RuRu, and you are also very kind to exhibit your beautiful gift for all of us to enjoy. Enjoy my poem, RuRu It's what I see in your beautiful creations! Warm love, Connie.   My Pen name is Cheri Cam LeBren because I have four dear children: Cherilyn my oldest daughter(Cheri) Cami my youngest daughter(Cam) Brennan is my oldest son,(Bren) and LeMontie is my youngest son.(Le) P.S. Your daughters are as beautiful as their Mother.Cheri Cam LeBren from Cheyenne, WY.

Dear RuRu; I\'m so excited about your beautiful art. I write poetry, and I\'d searched all over for your beautiful art work. Thanking you so much for sharing with us. It\'s so beautiful! I enjoyed it very much and will be using it almost daily. Warm Creative thoughts, Cheri Cam LeBren from Cheyenne, WY.

Ruru, I just love the colours you use: the bright yellows, reds, greens and blues....beautiful, funny, childlike, fresh and colourful. I particularly like the cats, as cats are my favourite! I love to see more of your work...keep doing what you do best...your work creates energy through the colours you use. It's, Heleen from Holland.

I just wanted to say keep up the great work, it's just awesome. Sincerley, Ms. Leah A. Smith from Sweet Home Alabama.

Hallo, very nice page. I like your style. Liebe Grube, Katrin from Freiburg, Germany.

Thanks . Your pictures are very nice. Gisele from France.

Hello! I want to thank you for the great Digital Designs you've created! I realy liked them and downloaded them immediately! Greatings, Soleil Zon from The netherlands.

Hello, I'm Nadja from Germany. Your site is very good! Compliment!

I Love You. -Ivana-